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Magnitude 2.0 Package

Seismo-Watch wants to encourage earthquake safety at all levels and that's why we have developed the Magnitude 2.0 - advertising package.

It is intended for those who need a reliable and consistent presence at a moderate position. Your company will receive significant exposure to thousands potential customers on and the wireless airwaves.

You will easily be able to track your exposures and your click-thrus to better understand your advertising position.

The Magnitude 2.0 Package combines a standard banner display with an earthquake alert bulletin sponsor tag to give you an excellent one-two punch in reaching thousands potential customers.

Below you will find the list price and a 15% discount for an introductory Magnitude 2.0 Package. In addition and for a limited time only, you will also receive our "Keep America Safe and Strong" bonus 32% discount.

With your acceptance of this package, together we will increase our national earthquake safety plan and reduce the risks associated earthquake hazards.

Please see our Rate Card for specific details and examples regarding these and other advertising opportunities.

In summary, the Magnitude 2.0 Package includes:

1) Single standard (468x60) banner system-wide deployment

a) List price for 20,000 exp./mth @ $10/1,000 exp. $200
b) Package price 15% Savings >> $170

2) Single EQ Flash! Alert Bulletin Sponsor Tag

a) List price for 15,000 exp./mth @ $20/1,000 exp. $400
b) Package price 15% Savings >> $340

Cost Breakdown

List price for package items (per mth) $600
Introductory 15% discount package price $510
Keep America Safe and Strong Discount -32%
Net Package Price (per mth) $349


  • Two month contractual period is required to initiate the package and is effective upon the first day of advertising.
  • Monthly prepayments required unless otherwise arranged in writing from Seismo-Watch, Inc.
  • Client will supply online banners and buttons. If you need banners and buttons, can make simple animated ones at a low cost or we refer you to for more technical displays.
  • Any modification of the package may jeopardize the discount price. We specialize in working with our clients and will find an equable balance to meet your needs.

Contact: or call 530-258-4228 to sign up for this valuable advertising and earthquake safety advocacy package NOW!!

Keep America Safe and Strong Discount Advertising Package

Magnitude 2.0 Package
a consistent presence at
modest position.

Magnitude 4.0 Package
a high impact internet

Magnitude 6.0 Package
a robust cross media

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