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Seismo-Watch Rate Card

Please find the following information for advertising opportunities with Seismo-Watch and

Circulation and Demographics

Print Media

  • Began in 1992
  • Number of newspapers: 43
  • Distribution: California and Nevada; Washington soon.
  • Potential readership: 4.7 million per week
  • Comprehensive Regional Earthquake Reports: 5
  • Print, fax and online subscriptions: 274
  • Opportunities for Sponsorships: Yes

Online Media (

  • Began in 1995
  • URL:
  • Numerous full-site upgrades, constantly adding new content.
  • Pageview count per month range: 30-65k
  • Peak pageview per month: 65k (Aug. 2001). Hasn't fallen below 45k since July 2001
  • Range of unique visitors per month range: 12-20k
  • Peak unique visitors per month: 20k (Feb. 2001)
  • Total estimated Standard Banner exposures site wide per month: +110k
  • see last 12 months statistics

EQ Flash! Alert and Report Bulletin Distribution Lists

  • Began in 1997, upgraded in 2000 and in 2001. Further upgrades are planed.
  • Active lists: 20
  • Average number of bulletins per month: 140 (Range: 110-186)
  • Number of subscribers (1/2002): 2415
  • Estimated total number of bulletins per month: +180,000

Advertising Options and Rates is rapidly changing and will continue to expand its banner adverting program to better fit their client's needs. Also of interest are package plans which can give your advertising campaign added dimension for a reduced cost. If you have specific requests or need special attention, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Online Banner Advertising.
Seismo-Watch has a robust banner display program capable of giving you daily and monthly statistics of your advertising plan. Generally, we feature two Standard (468x60) Banners per page and are beginning to use more Buttons as we progress with the redesign the site. A client can feature multiple banners of varying sizes. Number of exposures can also be managed. Seismo-Watch currently supports four banner sizes:

  • a. 468x60 - Standard Banners (supported throughout entire web site) Sample
    • List price: $10 per 1,000 exposures
  • b. 120x90 - Buttons 1 (home page and specific locations) Sample
    • List price: $25 per 1,000 exposures
  • 120x60 - Buttons 2 (home page and specific locations) Sample
    • List price: $25 per 1,000 exposures
  • 300x250 - pop-up windows (page specific) Sample
    • List price: $500 per insertion per month

    * Discounts and package prices available.

2. Online Floating Text Boxes.
Floating text box advertisements can be located on various pages throughout Floating text boxes add depth to your banner advertising program and increase your online presence. We will work closely with you to match your content with our site style. List price: $250 per insertion per month (three month minimum)

3. EQ Flash! Earthquake Alert Bulletin Sponsorships.
Sponsor names and/or slogans can be included in a distribution stack which are placed on each earthquake alert bulletin. Frequency depends on level of seismicity. E-mail, Pager, Fax and PDA contain slogans, Cell phones contain name only. List price: $500 per name/slogan per month

4. Regional Earthquake Report Update Notification Sponsorships.
Sponsor names and/or slogans can be placed on each earthquake report update notification. Gives the advertiser a little more exposure for their campaign. List price:
call for pricing

5. Exclusive Web Page Sponsors.
Allows you to choose specific pages for your exclusive sponsorships. List price:
call for pricing

6. Focus Pages.
Creation of special resource or publication pages on Allow you to target specific markets and cultivate potential clients. List price:
call for pricing

7. Seismo-Dog Safety Tip Sponsor.
Seismo-Dog is an integral part of the Seismo-Watch earthquake awareness and preparedness message. Seismo-Dogs uses simple earthquake safety tips or slogans, referred to as "Seismo-Says&", which reminds people of the emergency safety solutions. uses Seismo-Dog in a variety of ways, including:

    (1) Seismo-says.,. safety tips throughout the site.
    (2) Seismo-says.,. safety tip of the day e-mail bulletins.
    (3) Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports.
    (4) Highlighting the Earthquake Preparedness section.
    (5) Acknowledging local and national earthquake preparedness programs.

With local, regional and national attention being focused on Seismo-Dog, Seismo-Watch believes our advertisers and sponsors can benefit from this exposure. We have devised an automatic Seismo-says... slogan generator which rotates our various sponsors through e-mail bulletins and safety tips throughout the site.

The Seismo Says... Tip of the Week offers sponsors a prominent platform to express their commitment to earthquake safety. The Seismo-Dog sponsorship can also extend to specific online and news print media. List price: call for pricing

8. Seismo-Dog Identification License.
Seismo-Watch has developed a licensing program for the Seismo-Dog icon to assist product manufactures in delivering their earthquake message. Earthquake safety product vendors can display pre-approved Seismo-Dog icons (cartoon characters) and "Seismo says&" slogans, earthquake safety tips, etc. on their products, in their advertising literature, and other promotional materials. This logo tells the consumer that this product has been developed and marketed with a specific purpose of reducing the risks associated with earthquake hazards. It will add value to the manufacture's products and will assist in moving product to the consumers. List price:
call for pricing

9. Preferred Sponsor Relationship.
The Seismo-Watch brand name is growing and our sponsor and advertisers who join us in this campaign of earthquake awareness and preparedness will benefit from this exposure. Naturally, as Seismo-Watch conducts its ongoing safety advocacy programs, the products provided by our elite sponsor and advertisers will be accentuated. This includes participation in local, regional and national earthquake safety programs. Furthermore, when the opportunity is available, Seismo-Watch will extend an invitation to join us or contribute in whatever fashion is beneficial to you. List price:
call for pricing

10. News Print Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities.
Seismo-Watch cut its professional name in the news print industry when no other service was available. Currently, Seismo-Watch distributes to 22 different newspaper hubs, producing a combined potential readership of over 4.5 million people.

Some of the newspaper have been marketed with different products

Two specific opportunities are available:

  • Commercial Banners Ads
  • Text Box Public Service Announcements

These are unique opportunities that can assist your product or service gain widespread public exposure.

Commercial Banners Ads

Banner ads are similar to the Standard Banners seen on the net. They are available in the following newspaper outlets:

Notice the banner ads on each report. While similar, each have a slightly different height and width.

Costs for the banner ads range from $25 to $50 per week per newspaper or $160 per week for the six-report group rate. Minimum 13-week term required; weekly rotation with other sponsors optional. Availability limited. Seismo-Watch is always marketing to other newspapers and can aggressively peruse this format upon request.

Text Box Public Service Announcements

Newspapers have specific rules and regulations about third-party advertising on the features they purchase. We work with the newspapers to create special opportunities for our advertisers which take on the form as noncommercial product announcements. They are similar to Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that announce the benefits from this products and/or service. We coordinate style, taste and effective language to compel readers without the usual hard sell approach.

Text boxes are currently available in the following newspaper outlets:

Notice the Notable Earthquake text box on each report. We can substitute your product or service announcement here. The opportunity is limited to a once a quarter and has been quite successfully for several companies and organizations who need to announce an upcoming event or boost product exposure.

Costs for a text box public service announcement is $600 each. Seismo-Watch will work closely with you to help craft the best announcement for the opportunity.

11. Comprehensive Earthquake Report Suite Sponsorship.
Earthquake reports are provided in a variety of media, including, by fax and by U.S. Postal Service. Localized reports give a detailed view of specific areas while comprehensive regional reports put all the pieces of the tectonic puzzle into perspective. They are extremely popular and have a loyal following, many online subscribers enjoying the free weekly e-mail notification for when the reports have been recently updated. Our sponsorship program allows for a rotation of sponsors through the myriad of reports available through PDF online formats, fax and mail subscriptions. Each report has its own appeal and special considerations. List price:
call for pricing

12. Technical Earthquake Safety and Media Consultant.
We understand you sometimes have a special need for professional consulting to best navigate the earthquake safety and media arena. With over 23 years in academic and professional geologic consulting, Charles Watson, President and creator of Seismo-Watch, has gained the skills and professional reputation that clients expect from their technical advisors. Charles's experience in the earthquake safety community as both a product distributor and a policy decision maker can lend valuable guidance that can save you time and money.

Mr. Watson's consulting rates are $120 per hour, all expenses paid. Subject to availability. His aid is $85 and will travel with him on occasion or as needed.

13. Public Speaking Engagements.
As one of the premier public speaking geologists in the world, Charles Watson, President and creator of Seismo-Watch, has an ability to invite an audience into the world of earth science, compelling their interest to know more, and enlist a reason to respect the omnipotence of tectonic behaviors. Like a professional choreographed play, Charles uses a dynamic multimedia presentation to highlight the Earth's magnificence in geology, yet have origins in sudden and drastic movements of the Earth, which if unheeded, could cost not only millions of dollars, but cause severe injuries and even death. His presentation focuses on awareness and preparedness, the two basic keys to reducing their risks associated with natural hazards. He is convincing, compelling and motivating - excellent in small or large groups. List price:
call for pricing

Rate Notes.

1. Rates effective August 1, 2001 and subject to change without notice. Rates will be honored for existing contracts.

2. Package discounts are available and are encouraged. Please call for details.

Payment Terms.

A signed contract and any pre advertising costs, including setup fees, consulting costs, deposits, retainers, etc., are required prior to any advertising. Special terms and considerations can be arranged in contract form.

Placing Your Ad.

CALL or E-MAIL us and reserve your space. This is VERY important. Communication makes everything go smoothly:

(775) 852-0992

Please note this important information:

  • Advertisement must be "socially acceptable" and "site compatible".
  • Cancellations should be made one week prior to publication date.
  • If you are sending copy, we support most word processing formats, Word, Word Perfect, RTF and ascii text is best. E-mail text is fine too.
  • Seismo-Watch supports IBA ( ) advertising banner sizes. Visit their site for a complete list of dimensions.
  • Graphics should be in GIF89a or JPEG format. Animated GIFs are supported.
  • Keep the graphic file size under 15K. Excessively large ad graphics will not be accepted.
  • Graphics should be e-mail or sent by FTP. We can also get the graphics from your web site if you tell us where they are.
  • We can support Java and Javascript applets embedded in your advertisements, but you should not assume that our readers will be connected to the Internet when they see your ad.

Rich Media Support. supports some Rich Media technologies, such as Java and Java based technologies (e.g. Enliven), JavaScript, HTML Forms, Shockwave, etc. Each ad must be self-contained and be able to run from our servers. Contact us if you have questions.

Third Party Ad Serving. does not support ad tags from major advertising services, such as NetGravity or DoubleClick. The ads, tags, scripts must originate from our server. We are in the process of redesigning this feature and if this is part of your campaign, will contact you upon its availability.

Counting Impressions and Click-thrus.

Banner exposures from the are counted and displayed as total number of exposures and click-thrus. You will be given a login and password to access your statistics.

EQ Flash! Earthquake Alert Bulletins generates a minimum number of impressions based on the current size of our mailing lists and the average frequency of earthquakes. The list count is always fluctuating but seems to stay within 1-2% on any given day. Beyond this minimum there is a large, though imprecisely measured, number of readers who receive our bulletins through other redistribution web sites, mailing list exploders, and Bulletin Board Systems throughout the world. We suspect this significantly amplifies the distribution. As our wireless EQ Flash! Earthquake Alert Bulletins are distributed to more and more distribution wheels, we suspect this could lead to millions of potential readers.

Since we don't charge extra for changing your advertisements, you can adjust your ad copy/graphics in order to improve the response over the course of an ad campaign.

Privacy Policy.

Seismo-Watch does not sell or rent its mailing lists.

Any demographic survey information which we may collect is only used for aggregate statistical reporting of our readership as a whole. Individual responses are never made public, and in fact we try to make our surveys as anonymous as possible.

Legal Fine Print.

No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on insertion orders, contracts, insertion instructions, or any other form of correspondence that conflict with the policies in this rate card will be binding.

By placing advertising with Seismo-Watch all advertisers agree to abide by the legal disclaimers and conditions noted in our contract.

Seismo-Watch is not responsible for any actions, or the lack thereof, taken by any person directed from or from its off-site distributions.

Contacting Seismo-Watch

President and Chief Geologist: Charles P. Watson
Seismo-Watch, Inc.
P.O. Box 18012
Reno, Nevada 89511
Voice: 775-852-0992
Fax: 775-852-3226
General business: [email protected]

© 2002, Seismo-Watch, Inc.
Rev. Thursday, April 19, 2007

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