Seismo-Watch needs you help.

What has made Seismo-Watch successful for more than 10 years of service has been looking at earthquake information form another point of view: passion

  • passion from knowing about the remarkable geologic world we live in;
  • passion in telling the story of what is so geologically cool;
  • passion about learning more about how it all works - that ah-ha! feeling of when it all comes together and you know the answer.

As you may or not know, Seismo-Watch is run and operated by one person, Charles Watson. It has been his passion and vision that has kept this Seismo-Watch dream alive through all these years.

Charles has huge dreams on where Seismo-Watch should go, but now he needs your help in getting there.

You see, Seismo-Watch doesn't make much money. There are a few paying newspaper clients and a couple of advertisers, but in reality, it is really hard to make a business on providing earthquake information. You would think the government would subsidize these endeavors, but the money is rare and seemingly comes and goes with administrations, and is never very much.

But this is so cool, the passion drives dream and the dream drive the passion - a circle that appears in many of us for whatever reason. It is makes us whole and complete, and a reason to do it again, despite the challenges and hardships.

Charles has a dream to provide an automated stock market-like displays of local, regional and global earthquake activity. To provide tables, charts, graphs, and maps that are automated in a real or near-real time customizable formats - just like what the financial web sites do for the stock markets.

The system will be remarkable and not only provide insights to when and where earthquakes have occurred, but contribute to earthquake awareness and preparedness. For those that run on their passion, it will provide endless opportunities to know more about the geologic world around them.

What is remarkable is that it won't take very much to do and once built, will take little to maintain. It is a win-win project - a Dream Project where everyone wins!

Charles is a very humble man and doesn't like to ask for handouts, but this is important and there is a need to do this now.

While several small $10 and $25 donations can add up over the long run, large contributions can impliment changes quickly. It is up to you and send as little or as much you can.

Together we can make this dream happen.

Please help Seismo-Watch. Send your donation to:

The Dream Project
c/o Seismo-Watch
PO Box 18012
Reno, Nevada 89511

Please make checks payable to Seismo-Watch - The Dream Project
For direct wire transfers, please call 1-800-852-2960.


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