September 3, 2001

Charles P. Watson
President and Chief Geologist
Seismo-Watch, Inc.
P.O. Box 1956, Chester, CA 96020
Voice: (530) 258-4228  Fax (530) 258-4339

Professional Profile 2001

B.Sc. Geology, 1984, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California.

Current corporate affiliations:

  • President and Chief Geologist, Seismo-Watch, Inc. Reno, Nevada
  • President and Chief Geologist, Advanced Geologic Exploration, Inc. Reno, Nevada

Selected Professional affiliations: Nevada Earthquake Safety Council (1992), Western States Seismic Policy Council (1996), Seismological Society of America (1993), Geological Society of Nevada (1985).

Charles Watson is an experienced professional geologist whose background encompasses domestic and international neotectonic and paleoseismic investigations, precious and base metal explorations, geothermal resource assessments and development, and commercial and private geotechnical investigations. He is a turn key personnel, experienced in gathering geologic information, interpreting the data and providing recommendations drawn from their conclusions. He has performed both international and domestic assignments with refined expertise in mapping, sampling and evaluation. His geologic maps are beautiful!

As a contract geologist from 1982-87 and as a consulting geologist since 1987, Charles has been involved with several mineral and precious metal resource evaluations and geologic investigations. Areas of detailed evaluation include: the Battle Mountain and Carlin mineralization trends, Tonopah Districts and the Walker Lane structural trends, Nevada; the Commonwealth of Dominica, Eastern Caribbean Islands; While Mountains, Idaho; Klamath and Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Mojave Desert regions of California. Several areas in the western United States and Canada have been visited for economic resource evaluation as well. This is where Charles shines as the art of geologic discovery drives his passions as a professional scientist.

During his professional career, he has performed many geologic exploration services for the small miner to the large resource corporation including generative exploration, reconnaissance and detailed mapping and sampling, supervision and installation geochemical sampling grids, claim staking, road building and massive earth moving procedures, and site specific investigations utilizing various geophysical methods. He has performed extensive drilling supervision for subsurface resource indentification and development projects, amounting more than 250,000 feet of drilling supervision experience.

Charles has superb project supervision and management skills. He has worked as crew chief on several projects and has worked alone in difficult areas, such as the third world. As Senior Project Geologist for a geothermal exploration program, he was directly responsible for a $7 million exploration and development budget. As a result of his direction, the team accurately identified the commercial geothermal resource for the Bradys 21 MW Geothermal Power Plant located in Churchill County, Nevada. Successfully targeted intercepts at depths between 500 - 5,000 feet were accomplished by integrating detailed mapping and sampling program with surface and subsurface geophysical investigations.

Charles has worked extensively in the geotechnical/construction engineering industry as a project geologist performing investigations, evaluations and supervision, and as a Quality Control (QC) officer. He has written dozens of reports involving soils investigations, seismic potentials, active fault evaluations, geohydrology and groundwater assessments. Charles has supervised and assisted in the drilling of numerous monitoring wells, excavations of test pits and trenches, and analysis of recovered samples.


In 1992, Charles developed the Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report, a weekly feature presented in 40+ newspapers in California and Nevada with a potential readership of over 4 million people. It has received widespread local, State and national recognition for increasing earthquake awareness while reducing the risks associated with earthquake hazards. In the following year, Charles launched the popular Seismo-Watch Newsletter, a comprehensive weekly publication of national and global earthquake activity. As executive editor and publisher, he over saw the production of the magazine which was distributed to thousands of subscribers, comprising of scientists, public officials and emergency managers, as well as the general public. The Seismo-Watch Newsletter was published for four years and was superseded by a more comprehensive publication and widely acclaimed, yet short-lived, EQNEWS magizine.

In 1995, Charles adapted Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports to be shown a local community access television station and received matching financial support from the Federal Emergency Management's Association (FEMA) and the Nevada Division of Emergency Management. The program employed a brilliant method of utilizing the community message billboard to show a sequence of frames depicting global, regional and local earthquake activity, as well as preparedness tips and contact numbers for more earthquake safety information. The display rate frequency was staggering and approached nearly 700 time per week via five channels in two cable districts, reaching a potential viewership of over 350,000 viewers.

On January 16, 2001, the intellectual property rights of Seismo-Watch was transferred to the new corporation, Seismo-Watch, Inc., beginning a new chapter in the Seismo-Watch story. Charles serves as President, CEO and Chief Geologist, directing its goal to becoming the world's source for earthquake news and information.

As a result of the work with the Seismo-Watch project, Charles has become a mainstay and the “go to” person for local and regional earthquake news and information. He has been featured on numerous occasions on local and national radio and television stations for interviews and has been quote numerous times as an expert in the science of earthquakes in several newspapers. He has been recognized by several City, County and State Emergency Management agencies for contributing a valuable serves to the public.

Charles very active in public policy arena of earthquake risk reduction. He was a board member of the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council from 1994-2000, a member of the Western States Seismic Policy Council since 1995, and has given expert deposition and testimony tot he California Seismic Safety Commission on a number of occasions. During his term with the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council, he has been instrumental in the various committees, including the Geoscience, Awareness and Education, and Bylaws committees. He has given expert testimony to the Nevada State Legislature and continues to voice a positive opinion of earthquake safety to local groups and organizations.

In 1999, Charles began a new project of geoscience outreach with the Jurassic Expeditions “Earth In Motion” series. It is an innovative approach whereby the general public is introduced to the dynamic geologic processes that help create the most beautiful places on the planet though commanding presentations and luxury motor coach tours. The potential of increasing the public's concept into earth processes is enormous because people will be able to discover why and how these regions were formed. The goal is to imprint a positive reference of the geological processes whereby they will take better care of the earth and react safely when the dynamic forces take place. On December 31, 2001, Charles left Jurassic Expeditions to persue other outreach goals closer to home and to be with his family more.

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