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The 3.5 hour, +80 mile tour is an "Indian Jones" inspired Eco-Adventure conducted in the Palm Springs area, where the San Andreas Fault cuts through the Coachella Valley and has created spectacular geologic scenery, stunning vistas and expanding landscapes.

Via the luxury of a modern motor coach, visitors will travel through canyons of time, witness immense geological processes and gain a renew appreciation of the remarkable forces of nature. This compelling soft-adventure will motivate your mind, heighten your senses and charge your spirit in ways you have yet to experience.

  • Incredible geologic exposures!
  • The World's most famous earthquake fault!
  • See and discover this remarkable tectonic ballet!
  • Learn to be a geologic detective and become a certified "Fault Finder".
  • Listen to the geologic talk from a fully modern, luxury motor coach.

The tour is scripted and directed by Charles P. Watson, a consulting geologist and author of the nationally recognized and respected Seismo-Watch Report, a weekly earthquake report seen by millions of people worldwide in newspapers, on television and on the internet. Charles assures your expedition is armed with the latest geologic knowledge and searing facts about the San Andreas Fault.

Your experience is elevated by our Master Guide, Ranger Murry, who brings a fun, lighthearted spirit to this awesome display of nature. You will be entertained by his whit and charm while you travel through the canyons of geologic time. And don't forget "SEISMO", our trusted mascot into this thrilling expedition. Everyone loves SEISMO, and you will too!

This compelling adventure will motivate your mind, heighten your senses and charge your spirit in ways you have yet to experience. Thoroughly entertaining!

The Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce says:

"A must-see event during your visit"

Whether a single person or a member of a large group, we can make your reservations for this unmistakable expedition today!

Come, see and experience the San Andreas Fault and all its geologic wonders! This is the real San Andreas Fault Tour!

Seismo says... Accept no imitations! Call us today!

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