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4 day, 3 night Luxury Motor Coach "Earth In Motion" Adventure. Palm Springs to Death Valley to Mammoth Lakes. Experience the ways of the early wild, wild west and learn about desert environments, geology, Native American legends, and much, much more! Five Star accommodation, exquisite scenery, an exceptional experience!

"The Mammoth Lakes Geologic Excursion" - You will tour the Long Valley Caldera, an active volcano in eastern California, see and explore the catastrophic volcanic eruption of 760,000 years ago. Visit hot springs, volcanic vents, glacial moraine, earthquake faults, and when its all done, dine in the famous "Restaurant at Convict Lakes". Overnighters will stay at the Snow Goose Inn, a charming Bed and Breakfast in beautiful downtown Mammoth Lakes.

"Dinosaurs & More" - Eastern Nevada and Utah spectacular!

"Ring of Fire" Pacific Northwest and "Cascadia". A 9 day, 8 eight night air, sea and land experience. Beauty and nature beyond description.

Others in planning: New Zealand, Hawaii, Himalayas, South America

Seismo says... Don't panic; look first, then act.

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