March 4, 1998

Charles P. Watson
Consulting Geologist

Advanced Geologic Exploration / Seismo-Watch
P.O. Box 18012, Reno, Nevada 89511-8012
Voice: (702) 852-0992 ? Fax (702) 852-3226
E-mail: Web Page: www.seismo.watch.com
Seismo-Watch Toll Free Message Line (800) 852-2960


B.Sc. Geology, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA, 1984.

Personal Information

Age: 42; Height: 6'2"; Weight: 180 lbs; Married, two children; Health: excellent.
Grew up in Orinda, California. Spiritually centered; enjoys organic foods, long walks through forests of tall trees, mountain climbing and backpacking, and cozy fires on snowy nights. Additional interests include sports (ie; baseball - SF Giants!), extraterrestrial geology and impacts, weather phenomenon, alternative energy sources and energy uses, gardening and landscaping. Proponent of alternative medicines and a natural path to health. The health and wellbeing of his family is his top priority.

Professional Background

Owner of the geologic consulting firm Advanced Geologic Exploration in Reno, Nevada. Formerly Watson Exploration Company. Geologic consulting services founded in 1987. Primary services include:
  • Seismo-Watch, 1992-present; Earthquake news and information service
  • Fault evaluations and neotectonics studies
  • Earthquake hazard reduction policy
  • Mineral explorations and investigations
  • Geothermal resource investigations

Geological consulting services and contacts include numerous industrial and government agencies, as well as individual property and financial interest holders.

    Written numerous professional geologic reports, papers, and investigation summaries, and published extensively. Publisher of the former Seismo-Watch Newsletter and EQNews magazine.

Key professional interests include:

    • Rock and mineral exploration mapping, sampling, and identification.
    • Reducing the risks associated with large damaging earthquakes
    • Identification and documentation of active faults and seismic trends
    • Improving the quality of people's lives through the awareness of the geologic world around them.

Board member of the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council since 1994 and associated with several professional affiliations.

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