• Duel purpose:
    • automatically triggers during a sufficiently large earthquake,
    • features an option to manually turn on and off the valve
  • No more wrench, no more fuss. Simple design, advanced solutions.
  • Manual OFF/ON control in seconds.
  • Sensitive trigger mechanism shuts off the flow of gas with shaking from M5.4+ earthquake.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Duel purpose system complies with LA City Mandate; a preferred choice for the upcoming California Statewide mandate.

One of the most common effects from a large, damaging earthquake are broken or ruptured utility lines. Gas quickly accumulates and fires can erupt, leaving little behind.

Your first defence to this hazard is an earthquake activated automatic gas shut-off valve which stop the gas from entering the structure.

There are many on the market and you should choose a dual-purpose, wrench-free system like the popular..