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Yellowstone Earthquake Report: April 1997

Supported by a few seismic flurries, earthquake activity in the Yellowstone region nearly doubled from the previous month. Most of the earthquake activity occurred in pulses of activity along the northwest margin of the Yellowstone caldera during Weeks 1, 2, and 3. Interestingly, the largest events a M3.5 and M3.2, occurred south of Yellowstone Lake and along the southern margin of the caldera during Week 4 and were not related to the seismic flurries to the north. One cluster of events along the inside western caldera margin included seven M2's and one as large as M2.9. A scattering of events triggered in Upper Madison Valley near Hebgen Lake, a cluster centered near Norris Junction produced four M2's and a few event were detected northwest of Canyon. At the eastern boundary of the Park was a M2.8 on April 5. Some seismometers continued to be non-operational because the solar panels were buried by snow. No activity was reportedly felt ? still too much snow around for too many people to be at the Park.

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