Seismo Search Services

Seismic information is often presented in difficult to read formats and crude computer drawn plots. Seismo-Watch goes beyond these old presentations, and converts the complex raw seismic data into simple to read earthquakes listings with beautifully designed Seismo-Watch graphics.

Seismo-Watch offer three types presentations:

1) Listings

2) Reports or Discussions

3) Graphics

Seismo-Watch presents listings of earthquake data in a variety of formats which can be as detailed as the client needs. Typical listings include date, time, longitude, latitude, depth and magnitude, and are accompanied by summary tables as per magnitudes, regions, depth, etc.

Reports or discussions of the data vary as per region specified, and can be customized to fit individual client needs. Discussions can include a summary of magnitude ranges, maximum historic events, maximum recent events, and the overall pattern of seismicity. Discussions can include notable earthquakes, regional damage, felt reports, and physical geologic information.

Seismo-Watch is recognized for its excellent graphic presentation of earthquake information. Each graphic is designed for each seismic search parameter and includes typical physiographic features such as cities/towns, mountain ranges, lakes, coastline, etc. Seismic activity is then superimposed on the graphic with time, date, magnitude annotations provided for the more notable events. Text discussions can also be placed on the graphics which allow for each map to stand alone from a report. Graphics can be produced in color or black and white.

Date and magnitude search ranges vary considerably for each regional catalog. Generally, the world catalog is comprised of events from 2100 B.C. to 1993. More local catalogs, such as northern or southern California, data runs from the 1930s to present.

Each Seismic Search is costume designed for each individual and service fees vary per project. Call Advanced Geologic Exploration and ask how we can design your Seismic Search!

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