Placing Orders for Seismo-Watch Products and Services

Seismo-Watch offers a number of earthquake and geologic information services, including
Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports
Seismo-Watch Alert Bulletins
Search Services
Map Sales
Our Internet shopping cart with automatic subscription registering software should be available shortly. Until then, please enjoy one of the following methods for ordering:

The easiest ways to order are:
1. Download and print either the PDF Order Forms shown at the right, fill out the order, then fax or mail it to us with the appropriate payment. This is the preferred way.

2. Visit Order Form web page, print the page(s), complete your order and send it with payment by fax or mail.

3. E-mail your orders. Send order, including name, shipping address and telephone/fax numbers. A purchase order will accompany the shipped order. For academic or corporate accounts only.

4. Review one of the Order Forms above and call our toll free message line at 1-800-852-2960 with an order. We will process it the next day. Be sure to speak clearly and have your credit card ready. Remember to give your expiration date.

5. Call our office at 888-221-8585 with an order and we will process it right there and then. Be sure to
  • ask the operator to place an order
  • and have your credit card ready.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted!

NOTE: Be sure to include your name and e-mail address and, if ordering a Regional or Global Earthquake Report by the net, please choose a access LOGIN and PASSWORD. A conformation e-mail message, fax or letter will be sent informing you of your subscription information.

Send all Order Forms to the contact numbers at the bottom of the page.


PDF Order Form

Visit the ORDER FORM web page

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