Earthquake Preparedness
Rember to think first, then act.
Your first move can save your life.

Although earthquake preparedness is your key to safely live in earthquake prone areas, Seismo-Watch prefers to leave this valuable information service to the many government and private entities available.

In this way we can develop relationships with these organization while we focus on doing what we do best and that is providing earthquake news and information.

If you have a preparedness product and service and would like to place a link here, send us a . People helping people. Building a safer community for all. That's what it is all about.

While we build our Seismo-Watch Preparedness Page and its resources, we have developed a few in house links you may follow for more information about earthquake preparedness:

The Seismo-Watch Earthquake Information Reference Guide, a listing of government sources for more earthquake preparedness tips and ideas.

Before, During and After an Earthquake, common sense guides for preparedness and actions before, during and after a very strong earthquake.

Practice Earthquake Drills, some simple preparedness tips

Look Duck Cover Hold, a modified versions of an old idea but accentuates thinking about your actions rather than reacting to the situation.

Emergency Food Supply, a thoughtful plan on how to plan for your meals after a disaster.

Prepare a Family Earthquake Plan, some day you will be grateful you had one.

Survival in a Can, a novel way to prepare your own preparedness kit.

Strap the Water Heater, a simple approach to reduce damage at home and protect a valuable source for fresh water.

Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale, each earthquake is different and this scale was developed to categorize the different shaking intensities from the various size earthquakes.


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