Practice Earthquake Drills

Encourage your family and co-workers to participate in earthquake drills. Reviewed and practice these emergency procedures periodically.

Practice Taking Cover:

Practice taking cover as if an earthquake were taking place. This will make people aware of the safest places in their immediate environment.

Practice Exiting:

Walk through the possible escape routes from your home and work place. Check to see if the planned exits are clear, and if they can become blocked in an earthquake.

Practice Shutoff:

Practice turning off electricity and water at your home and office. Be sure everyone can do this quickly. Know how to turn off gas but do not practice this step. (Once gas is turned off, for safety reasons, only your utility company should turn it back on.

Review Post-Earthquake Plans

Check and Renew Provisions:

Check supply of emergency food and water. Check medication, first aid materials, for all members of the houshold including the children, handicapped and elderly. Replenish expired supplies of food, water medecine, fire extinguishers, and batteries.

Review Family Plans:

Review the responsibility of each familly member after an earthquake. Call the designated contact person outside the area to remind them of their role. Review plans to pick up children and check with schools or daycare centers to ensure the family plan in still appropriate.

Review Community Plans:

Contact your neighbors periodically to review earthquake plans. Contact your local Office of Emergency Services for an update on the local emergency plan.

These tips were developed by California's Governor's Office of Emergency Services.

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