Notable Earthquake of the Week
Yukatat Bay, Alaska M8.0 Earthquake

On September 10, 1899, a great earthquake measuring M8.0 occurred 375 miles southeast of Anchorage, Alaska, in the Yakutat Bay area. The quake registered shaking intensities of XI on the Modified Mercalli scale (a relative intensity scale from I-XII shown in Roman numerals) indicating damage would have been near total.

The quake was preceded by a significant foreshock sequence which included two quakes registering M7.9 (six days prior to the main jolt) and M7.4 (four hours before the main jolt). The aftershock sequence was also quite strong and included one event as large as M7.0.

Although the quakes were widely felt, damage was minimal because of the small population in the region at the time. Measurements indicated the shoreline was uplifted 15 meters (48 feet) as a result of the tectonic sequence.

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