Notable Earthquake of the Week
The Great Kwanto, Japan, M8.2 Earthquake

On September 1, 1923, a catastrophic earthquake measuring M8.2 occurred off the eastern coast of the Kwanto Province in Japan, near Tokyo.

The Kwanto quake registered shaking intensities as high as XII on the Modified Mercalli Intensity scale (a relative shaking intensity rating from 1-12 shown in Roman numerals) indicating extreme shaking.

The temblor shook the ground violently for several minutes, causing numerous buildings to collapse, intense liquefaction along the water fronts, and massive landslides in the nearby mountains.

One enormous submarine landslide in the Sagami Bay caused extraordinary changes in water depth and contributed to the great damage and loss of life on shore.

Like the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake, fireswarms followed the earthquake and ravaged many cities within Kwanto Provence, including Tokyo and Yokohama, and were responsible for about half of the 142,000 persons killed.

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