Notable Earthquake of the Week

Landers, California M7.3 Earthquake Photos - Click on the image to enlarge.

The surface rupture of the Landers earthquake tore across the pavement of Highway 247, showing strike-slip offset quite dramatically. (photo: unknown SCEC author)

Surface rupture produced left and right offsets in the asphalt of Highway 247, about one-half mile south of Reche Road. (photo: unknown SCEC author)


Chain-link fences in the Landers area served as excellent markers, not only of the location of surface rupture, but also its extent. (photo: Helen Qian, SCEC)


Views of the surface rupture caused by the Landers earthquake in some of the wide-open areas of the Mojave Desert. (photo: unknown SCEC author)

Notice the offset fence (photo: unknown SCEC author)

Images from the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC).