Notable Earthquake of the Week

Arcata M6.4 Earthquake  

On June 6, 1932, a strong earthquake measuring M6.4 rocked the Humboldt Bay area. Because of the sparse developments in the region at the time, little is known about this earthquake. It is believed to have been centered north of Arcata, however, some analyses report it off shore of Eureka.

The quake caused substantial damage in the region, killing one person and injuring several others. Property damage in Eureka was severe where hundreds of chimneys were damaged, windows shattered and water mains ruptured. Several homes were shaken from foundations in Arcata and liquefaction features were common around the Humboldt Bay margin.

The quake was felt as far away as Coos Bay, Oregon, to the north and San Jose to the south. It was the largest quake to strike the region since the Cape Mendocino M7.2 quake in 1923.

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