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Morgan Hill, California, M6.6 Earthquake  

On July 1, 1911, a strong earthquake measuring M6.6 shook the Santa Clara Valley region of Central California. Believed to have been centered on the Calaveras fault near Morgan Hill, the quake registered shaking intensities of VIII on the Modified Mercalli scale (a relative shaking intensity rating from 1-12 shown in Roman numerals) and caused substantial damage at Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Clara, and other nearby towns.

The quake was felt over a wide area, including some reports from Reno and Carson City, Nevada. Several buildings in the epicentral region were wrecked while others sustained cracked walls, downed chimneys, and broken windows. Some structures, including one building at Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, collapsed or were damaged so severely they had to be rebuilt.

Although this was one of the strongest earthquake recorded in the greater San Francisco Bay area, no surface ruptures were ever discovered and no one was killed.

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