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New Madrid, MO M 8.4 Earthquake, January 23, 1812

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From December, 1811, to February, 1812, three great earthquakes struck the Mississippi Valley region, near New Madrid, Missouri.
The quakes occurred December 16, 1811 (Ms 8.6), January 23, 1812 (Ms 8.4), and February 7, 1812 (Ms 8.7) and registered violent shaking intensities of XII on the Modified Mercalli intensity scale (a relative shaking intensity rating from I-XII shown in Roman numerals).
The temblors were felt from Canada to New Orleans and as far away as Boston. Buildings within the region were completely destroyed and chimneys as far away as Cincinnati and St. Louis were knocked down.
The Mississippi River changed its course, trees were violently thrown down, and considerable areas were uplifted while others subsided.

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