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The St. Lawrence M6.7 Earthquake

At 9:19 pm, on February 28, 1925, a strong earthquake measuring M6.7 rocked the Saint Lawrence Sea Way about 50 miles northeast of Quebec, Canada.

The quake generated shaking intensities of VIII on the Modified Mercalli scale (a relative shaking intensity rating from 1-12 shown in Roman Numerals) and was felt throughout the northern New England region. Damage was limited to cracked walls, items knocked from shelves, and collapsed chimneys.

The quake was centered within one of Canada's most seismically active areas, the Charlevoix seismic zone. This zone has been the sight of numerous historic earthquakes, including five measuring M6.0 or stronger (1663, 1791, 1860, 1870 and 1925).

More information from the Canadian Geological Survey.

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