Notable Earthquake of the Week
San Jacinto (Christmeas Day), California M 6.4 Earthquake
While everyone was cerebrating peace on Earth on Christmas Day in 1899, a strong earthquake measuring about M 6.4 struck the San Jacinto Valley region in Southern California.
The quake was centered in the southern portion of the valley near the towns of Hemet and San Jacinto. Ground motion was intense, registering shaking intensities of IX on the Modified Mercalli Scale (a relative shaking intensity rating from 1-12 shown in Roman numerals).
Heavy damage occurred in both towns, killing six persons and severely injuring at least eight others. The death toll probably would have been higher if it had occurred on any other business day as nearly every brick building was destroyed in Hemet and chimneys were thrown down as far away as Riverside and Palm Springs.
The quake was centered along northern segment of the San Jacinto fault zone which experienced another strong jolt that registered M 6.8 on April 21, 1918.

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