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Dixie Valley M 7.2 and Fairview Peak M 6.8, Nevada Earthquakes
Two strong earthquakes ripped west-central Nevada on December 16, 1954. The first quake of the Dixie Valley-Fairview Peak series struck at 3:07 a.m. and measured M 7.2, registering shaking intensities of X on the Modified Mercalli scale (a relative intensity rating from 1-12 shown in Roman numerals).
The second quake occurred about 4 minutes later and measured M 6.8. Surface fault ruptures occurred along six different faults that defined a complex north-trending 100 km long and 15 km wide zone. Both vertical and horizontal (right-lateral) displacements were measured with maximum offsets of over 12 feet.
Because of the remote location of these potentially destructive tremors, little structural damage was reported. However, widespread non-structural damage occurred in Fallon about 40 mi. away and included items thrown from counter tops, cracked walls, and broken windows.
Aftershocks persisted for years and the remnant fault scarps still can been seen today.

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