Notable Earthquake of the Week
San Gabriel Mountains, California M7.0+ Earthquake

A strong earthquake measuring about M7.0+ occurred on December 8, 1812, along the San Gabriel Mountains segment of the San Andreas fault. The exact location of the epicenter is not known, however, surface ruptures are believed to have occurred in Wrightwood, located along the northern flank of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Geologic investigations and historic accounts of the earthquake suggest surface ruptures may have extended at least 16 miles northwest of Wrightwood and possibly as far south as San Bernardino Valley.
Significant damage was reported as far away as San Juan Capistrano, where the mission roof collapsed and 40 persons were killed. The church at San Gabriel also sustained damage. The bell tower developed numerous cracks and later fell, and the living quarters of the ministers was extensively damaged. The quake was felt as far away as the Mission San Diego.

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