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Valentine, Texas M 6.4 Earthquake

An earthquake measuring M 6.4 occurred August 16, 1931, in southwestern Texas near the Mexican border. Known as the Valentine earthquake, the temblor is believed to have been centered in the Mt. Livermore region as most of the damage occurred in the small town of Valentine, located a few miles west of the 8384' high peak.

Nearly every structure in Valentine sustained heavy damage, especially those constructed of adobe brick. Minor damage, such as cracked walls and downed chimneys, were reported throughout the region, including Brewster, Jeff Davis, Culberson, and Presidio Counties.

Although people were severely frightened by the main jolt and its' many aftershocks, there were no fatalities, just minor injuries. With a M 5.8 temblor on April 13, 1995, in the Glass Mountain region - about 55 miles west of the Valentine epicenter, geo-scientist are comparing and contrasting the events with great interest to understand more about this intercontinental tectonic setting.

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