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San Francisco Ms 8.2, Mw 7.8 Earthquake Photos
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The San Andreas fault in Central California. Striking linearity of the trace of the fault is characteristic of strike-slip faults. Carrizo Plain to left; Temblor Range to the right. View northwest. [This portion of the fault is south of the 1906 surface rupture trace associated with the 1906 earthquake. It was, however, part of the powerful Fort Tejon earthquake in 1852 - the other great earthquake along the San Andreas fault in historic times. Click on image to enlarge.


Along the San Andreas fault zone near San Francisco. Displacement in 1906 was along a linear trace on the left (west) side of the Crystal Springs Reservoir (foreground). To northwest, the active trace of the fault bends to the east side of the San Andreas Reservoir, which lies just beyond the Crystal Springs Reservoir. View northwestward. Click on image to enlarge.


A scarp facing the Pacific Ocean, with marine terraces above, marks the San Andreas fault at Bodega Bay, 70 km north of San Francisco. View northwestward. [Notice the car driving up the fault scarp face.] Click on image to enlarge.

Tomales Bay lies in an elongate depression along the San Andreas fault. In 1906, a maximum strike-slip of 6 meters [20 feet] on the fault was reported at the hear of Tomales Bay, mid-distance in view; however, some of this slip may have been related to shifting of the marshy sediment. The Point Reyes peninsula is to the right (west); Mount Tamalpais is the high-point in the skyline at the top left. View southeastward towards San Francisco, 55 km away. Click on image to enlarge.

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