Earthquake Information Packets

The key to living safely in earthquake prone areas is:

  • Understanding earth processes and
  • Being prepared in case of a major event

Knowing what to do before, during and after an earthquake can save time, money and even you LIFE!

To assist you in elevating your personal seismic safety, Seismo-Watch has created an Earthquake Information Packet chalked full of valuable resources.

We have worked closely with organizations like the American Red Cross, FEMA, USGS and several State and local emergency managers to assemble this valuable packet of information.

In this valuable packet, you will find the following:

Earth Resources Information

    • Earthquake Information Reference Guide
      • Providing addresses and contact numbers for geologic information
    • Information on Seismo-Watch products and services
    • Western States geological agencies contact numbers
    • Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale reference sheet
    • List of selected regional and global earthquake and fault maps

Earthquake Preparedness

    • Earthquake preparedness tips and pamphlets from sources such as:
      • American Red Cross
      • California Office of Emergency Services
      • Federal Emergency Management Agency
      • United States Geological Survey
    • Six popular Seismo-Watch preparedness tip flyers

Also visit the Seismo-Watch Preparedness Page.

RECENT NOTE: While we are working hard to be able to send this packet to all people for free, increased mailing costs have now now forced use to reconsider this option. We have struck an arrangement with the Nevada Division of Emergency Management and FEMA, authorized by the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council, to distribute the packets for free to Nevada residents. However, we have no such arrangement for others at this time.

To still provide the vast majority of people with this valuable information, we have constructed a online version of the Information Packet. It is a 16 page, 714K PDF document chalked full of earthquake information and preparedness tips, but does not contain some particular flyers, pamphlets and other vendor information that would accompany the packet if it were sent by mail.

Download a FREE Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader NOW!

If you still want to receive the Information Packet by mail, you can order it for a nominal $5 shipping and handling charge.

and provide your name and address to where you like to have a FREE Earthquake Information Packet sent. Mailing and assembling costs sponsored by the Nevada Division of Emergency Management and FEMA, authorized by the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council.

Non- Nevada Residents click here and download a FREE 714k PDF Earthquake Information Packet or

Order the Information Packet by mail for nominal $5 shipping and handling charge. (This link will take you to the Seismo-Watch orders page where you will receive instructions of how to place an order.)

For multiple orders, please call our office telephone number below. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. For United States and Canada residents only; sorry packets are too heavy for international requests.

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