FAQs Frequency of Bulletins - How many alert bulletins will I receive?

It is difficult to say just how many EQ Flash! Earthquake Alert Bulletins you will receive each month for any specific region. Some months are just more active than others, and while it may be exciting for some to receive several bulletins following a major earthquake, others may be overwhelmed by the number of messages in their inbox or on their pager.

Generally, if you subscribe to all the bulletins (Global, USA, and AK), you probably will receive somewhere between 50 and 100 per month. Use the table below as a guide for background activity, but be advised, seismicity does vary considerably and high message counts can be expected following a major temblor.

Number of Reports Per Month
Global M6+
3 - 15
Global M5+
10 - 35
10 - 20
15 - 30
3 - 10
10 - 30

Caution to Wireless Subscribers: While exciting, robust seismic periods can generate an elevated numbers of pages. Please check your paging service plan before subscribing to insure you have an adequate allotment of message (or characters) available to receive these bulletins. Wireless plans vary considerably and subscribers can incur excessive costs if your account is not set up to correctly. Seismo-Watch is not responsible for excessive bulletins or charges.

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