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One of the most infamous portions of the "Ring of Fire" is the Western Pacific Ocean segment. Here the Philippines tectonic plate is caught between the two huge Asia and Pacific plates and earthquakes along their boundaries is prevalent, sometimes reaching devastating magnitudes.

Seismo-Watch now presents a custom regional EQFlash! earthquake alert bulletin for this active region that includes:

  • Taiwan, Japan, Paracel Islands, Philippines, Russia, Mariana Islands,
    North Pacific Ocean, Wake Island, Cook Islands.

Magnitude Range: M 5.0+

Source: National Earthquake Information Center, US Geological Survey

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Remember, increased awareness provides increased preparedness. Always be earthquake safe wherever you go and whatever you do.

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Other sub-regions available upon request. Sponsorships of EQFlash! alert bulletins are available. Feature EQFlash! on your web site! Contact for more info.


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