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Middle East and South-Central Asia Earthquake Alert Bulletins

With much of the media attention on Iraq and Afghanistan concerning war and terrorism, one may forget how the natural hazards often contribute to the difficult living conditions of the region.

In a combined effort, Seismo-Watch, Inc. and Loopshot, Inc. the programmers who developed the EQFlash! earthquake alert bulletin system, now bring you two new specialized earthquake awareness products:

While tensions remain high over the human aspects, the natural tectonic processes bring everyone together to save lives and provide safer living conditions.

Knowing that awareness is a key to earthquake preparedness, Seismo-Watch and Loopshot are doing their part in assisting these region in becoming a little safer for everyone.

We invite you become a more aware of the earthquake activity of the Middle East and South-Central Asia by subscribing to these FREE EQFlash! earthquake alert bulletins.


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