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The fastest way to receive earthquake information
Earthquake activity across the planet occurs at a phenomenal rate. Seismo-Watch Earthquake Alert Bulletins are the fastest way to stay informed of all the action via your PDA. They give you the ability to know about earthquakes anywhere you are at any time.

They are FREE and come preset for the following regions:
There may be a slight delay as we check that your cell phone server host is valid. Please be patient.

Global M5.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(A robust service!)
Global M6.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(A robust service!)

Middle East M4.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe) New!!
(Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
Turkey, United Arab Emirates,Yemen.)
South-Central Asia M4.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe) New!!
(Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan,
Uzbekistan, India, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia)
Western Pacific Ocean M5.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe) New!!
(Taiwan, Japan, Paracel Islands, Philippines, Russia, Mariana Islands, North Pacific Ocean,
Wake Island, Cook Islands)

United States M3.0+ earthquake activity w/o AK (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(Does not include Alaska)
United States M3.0+ activity w/o CA or AK (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(Does not include California & Alaska)
California/Nevada M3.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(Smaller quakes in Central and Eastern Nevada may not be included)
Northern California only M3.0+ activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(Includes California-Nevada Border Region)
Southern California only M3.0+ activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(Includes California-Mexico Border Region)
Pacific Northwest M3.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(Includes Washington and Oregon plus British Columbia, Vancouver Is. & the off shore seismic zones)
Alaska M4.0+ earthquake activity (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)
(Includes Alaska and Aleutians)
Other sub-regions available upon request. Want to advertise on EQ Flash! or sponsor a regional earthquake alert bulletin? Want to Feature EQ Flash! on your web site! Contact for more info.

Sign-up Instructions and Info:

    Subscribing is a three part operation:

      1) Click on the desired service and enter both your e-mail and your cell host addresses in the form fields, then click Subscribe. Don't know your wireless host address?

      2) You will receive an e-mail confirmation message by e-mail. This is a security measure so only you can subscribe you. Just hit the Reply button on your e-mail client to confirm.

      3) Sit back and watch the activity happen. You can always come back to here to modify your service.

    • Caution! While exciting, robust seismic periods can generate an elevated numbers of messages. These are relatively few and far between, however, can be a problem if your paging plan is keyed into the number of pages or characters you receive per month. Please check your paging service plan before subscribing to insure an adequate allotment of pages or characters are available to receive these bulletins. Please see the FAQs for more information.

    You do not need to subscribe to both Global M5+ and Global M6+ lists. Just pick one or you may receive duplicate messages
    The USA list will receive California/Nevada and Pacific Northwest alert bulletins minus Vancouver Island and British Columbia regions.
    Alaska is not included in the USA alert bulletin list (a lot of activity there).
    These are secured distribution lists only. Replies to the list will go unanswered.
    Please contact the for any problems or difficulties. Also, please tell them of any suggestions you may have.

Seismo-Watch is your source for earthquake news and information. Because people have different information needs and variable applications, future plans will focus around customizing your earthquake information experience. Stay tuned for additional changes and enhancements.

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