Seismo-Watch EQ Flash! Alert Bulletins
The fastest way to receive earthquake information
In the distant part of your home or office, the chime of the fax machine indicates you have just received a fax. You wonder where did this earthquake occur? How big was it?

The EQ Flash! FAX alert bulletin service is ideal for people who are not always on the computer and do not have a wireless service, but want to know when and where earthquakes occur and have a fax machine.

Stay advised 24-hours a day and get peace-of-mind knowing that you will be the first to know when significant earthquakes have occurred.

They are available for five regions:

    United States
    California/Nevada (a subset of United States)
    Alaska (not a subset of United States)

Unlike e-mail and wireless alert bulletins, you can determine what magnitude threshold you want to receive for each specific region. For example, you can select global M5+, USA, M3+ and Alaska M4+, or you may just be interested in M3+ earthquakes in California and Global M6+ events. The choice is yours! We can help you with your choice when you call to subscribe.

They are exciting and exhilarating! Your fax machine will never be the same again!

Many people prefer fax alerts over e-mail or wireless because:

  • Easy to archive the bulletins.
  • You receive a hard copy; no printing required.
  • Don't have to be at your computer.
  • Don't have a wireless device.
  • Can receive them at school, laboratory, home or at work.
  • Cause office wide excitement when they come in!
Perfect for schools.
Ideal for teachers.
Compelling for students!

Makes for a fabulous conversation piece around the water cooler.

Insurance companies live for fax alert bulletins!

Perfect for home or office.

Sign-up Instructions and Info:

    Fax alert bulletins are sent across normal telephone transmission lines and therefore, Ma Bell needs to receive her usual compensation for service.

    The cost for the Fax alert bulletins is:

    • $50 per 3 months
    • $90 per 6 months
    • $165 per 12 months

    This is a flat fee regardless to your level of subscription. Prices for United States and Canada only. Costs are prohibitive for international destinations and we suggest using the e-mail alert bulletins.

    There is no limit to how many subscriptions you can have. Many companies, such as insurance, emergency response, etc., purchase one for each regional office.

    Your service can start today with a telephone call and a credit card number.

    Just call 1-888-221-8585 to start you subscription TODAY! Please have your credit card ready. Don't delay, CALL NOW!!

    Seismo-Watch is your source for earthquake news and information. Because people have different information needs and variable applications, future plans will focus around customizing your earthquake information experience. Stay tuned for additional changes and enhancements.

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