E-Mail Earthquake Alert Bulletins

Its here! Seismo-Watch E-mail Earthquake Alert Bulletins!

Get the latest news and information about large and significant earthquake activity right to your desk-top. Seismo-Watch E-mail Earthquake Alert Bulletins provide you with quick information that a significant earthquake has just occurred somewhere on the planet.

You will receive news-breaking information of when and where significant earthquakes have occurred, including magnitude, depth, and any other pertinent data regarding the earthquake including, damage, deaths, tsunami alerts, etc. Maps and detailed inset graphics show the epicentral regions and interesting geologic information and or seismic history are added to develop your understanding surrounding the effected region.

A significant earthquake is:

  • all global temblor registering M5.7 or stronger,
  • any moderate (M5+) global earthquake that causes significant alarm or damage,
  • all earthquakes within or near the United States measuring M4.0 or greater
  • any earthquake of significant interest.

How many bulletins per month are there?

About 30-40 bulletins! Yep! It is an active world out there!

Some months are more active and others are slightly less. In June of 1996, following the double Aleutian M7.9/M7.2 and the Java M7.9 earthquakes and several strong earthquake swarms, a record number of 47 Seismo-Watch Earthquake Fax Alert Bulletins were issued! August 1996 was very quiet and only 27 Alert Bulletins were issued.

Earthquake Alert Bulletin Features

The Seismo-Watch Earthquake Fax Alert Bulletins are presented in well organized, easy to read formats and include the following information:

Hypocenter Information
Hypocenter Data Date Time Latitude Longitude Depth
Preliminary Magnitudes
Body wave (Mb) Surface Wave (Ms) Local (Ml) Moment (Mw)
Notations and Discussions
Seismologic/Tectonic Background Tsunami Data Damage Deaths
Epicenter Maps (Included for all M6+ events or other quakes of significant interest)
World Epicenter Map Regional and /or Local Epicenter Map
Monthly & Yearly Large Earthquake Summaries
(For examples, see the Large Earthquake Archive.)
Special Reports
VolcanoeNews Damage Updates And More!!

E-mail Alert Bulletin Formats

There are two types of e-mail readers:

1) Those that can read MIME attachments

2) Those that read text only

To accommodate the different e-mail readers, two formats of E-mail Earthquake Alert Bulletins have been developed:

1)?MIME Earthquake Alert Bulletins contain embedded MIME attachments which allow for dynamic presentations via e-mail html. These are the premier Earthquake Alert Bulletins!! These e-mail bulletins are formatted with color and enhanced with various fonts and graphics. Click on the doorway to view a sample bulletin:

2)?Text Earthquake Alert Bulletins are text-only e-mail messages. They are specifically designed for e-mail readers that cannot "see" embedded URL attachments. These e-mail messages contain abundant information about a significant earthquake activity in a text-only format. Click on the doorway to view a sample bulletin.

Note: Sorry, but do to the low interest, Text Earthquake Alert Bulletins have been discontinued. If you are interested in receiving these bulletins and want to be put on a waiting list, please send us a note. If enough people want to subscribe, will will bring these exciting alert bulletins back.

Each e-mail reader is different and you my need to run a test to see which Alert Bulletin is right for you. Click the mail Box at the right and place "Test E-mail Bulletin" in the subject line. A current MIME Earthquake Alert Bullet will be sent to you shortly.

Archives and Reports

We have also created an Alert Bulletin Archive on the Seismo-Watch web page to save past bulletins. It's a great place to keep tabs on past earthquake news and information. (Current activity is password protected)
Don't forget the Seismo-Watch Weekly Earthquake Reports summarizing global and regional earthquake activity.
We also compile listing of large Moment magnitude earthquakes per month in the Large Earthquake Archive. The archive is set up to track activity from 1990 - 1996.

Subscription Rates

E-mail Earthquake Alert Bulletins

$10 per Month$50 per 6 Months$90 per Year

Terms: Prepayment is required. Invoices and purchase orders available on request for schools, corporations and government institutions. Send subscription request with check or money order to address below. Sorry, no Credit Cards.

Terms and Limitations (please read)

Earthquake Alert Bulletins are issued within 24 hours of any significant events and more often within 2-4 hours. A significant earthquake is any global temblor registering M5.7 or stronger, any moderate (M5+) global earthquake that cause significant alarm or damage, and all earthquakes within or near the United States measuring M4.0 or greater, or any other earthquake of significant interest. Data for some events may not be readily available and the issuance of the Alert Bulletin may be delayed until better information is known. The number of Alert Bulletins per month is governed by the number of significant earthquakes around the world. There is an average of 30-40 Alert Bulletins per month. Excessive returned mail, tampering with the system, or volition of these terms, may result in a temporary suspension of the service and in a worse case, termination of the subscription and referral to our attorney for legal action. Seismo-Watch Earthquake Alert Bulletins may not be distributed or retransmitted in any form by any means without prior written authorization from Advanced Geologic Exploration. ? Copyright 1997 Advanced Geologic Exploration; all rights reserved. Prices subject to change without notice.

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