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Web Page Advertising

As our counters show, the Seismo-Watch web site typically receives between 5-8,000 hits a week and can soar to has high as 20,000 hits/day depending on the level of earthquake activity. If you are looking for a internet platform to display your products and services, then the Seismo-Watch web site can provide you that kind of exposure.

Advertising with the Seismo-Watch is easy and can be performed with Banners linked back either to your web site or to a site hosted on the Seismo-Watch site.

Banners can be placed anywhere on the Seismo-Watch web site and we suggest placing them on the Current Activity Links page as this is our most popular location with thousands of hits per month. Multiple banners can be placed throughout the site. We encourage this approach to provide balanced media campaign.

If you need a banner, Advanced Geologic Exploration can make one for you. Ask about our Graphic Artist rates for banner construction.

Banner Exchange Program
Always interested to swap banners with other sites. Drop us a note telling us you are interested in exchanging banners and provide a URL so we can check out your site. ?
Rates & Terms:

Rates are based upon 1,000's of eyes or counts per thousand (CPM). Typical rates are between $10 and $50 CPM with or without caps.

Call or for more information. You will be surprised how easy it is to set up your banner link on the Seismo-Watch web page.

  • Advertisement must be "socially acceptable" and "site compatible".
  • Banner size can be variable;
    • Preferred: 400 pixels x 60 pixels
    • other? please inquire.
  • Banner will be either linked:
    • to your web site (please provide URL link with your banner)
    • or an web page on the Seismo-Watch web site (650 x 1000 pixels, storage: <1M).
  • Banner will be placed within the Seismo-Watch web page at an agreed location(s).
  • Animation banners must be less that 14k in size.

    More Information:

Transfer of Banners:

  • e-mail the image as an attachment
  • e-mail the URL where we can retrieve the image
  • e-mail an auto ftp URL (ftp://...)

Up date you banners as often as you like!!

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