Television Underwriting

Underwriting packages for television presentations of the Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report are now available!

Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports are currently featured on two television stations:

  • Sierra Nevada Community Access Television, (SNCAT), Reno, Nevada; Potential Viewership: 225,000 people.
    • Acknowledged with a unanimous vote of commendation by the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council in 1997 and 1998 as an effective means of increasing earthquake awareness in the Reno-Sparks communities.
    • Partial funding provided through a contract with the State of Nevada Division of Emergency Management and FEMA for FY1997, 1998 and 1999.


  • Carson Access Television (CAT), Carson City, Nevada; Potential Viewership: 200,000 people
    • Similar sequence as the SNCAT sequence.
    • Partial funding provided through a contract with the State of Nevada Division of Emergency Management and FEMA for FY1997, 1998 and 1999.

See this link for more information regarding the television programming for these stations.

All underwriting is done with typical non-commercial, public television-style acknowledgements. Specific requirements vary per television station and can be specifically designed to maximize your commitment to quality television programming.

Underwriting can be preformed in a variety of ways, from a single line statement to personalized display panels with a company slogan, logo, and contact number. A example of a basic underwriting panel is shown below:




Underwriters Panel

showing Company name and one-line company organization slogan or service line. (Display varies per region; at left, the panel for SNCAT and CAT)

Television Underwriters Guidelines:

No commercial content is allowed.

One-line company slogan or service line is subject to "socially acceptable" and "content compatible" requirements deemed appropriate by Advanced Geologic Exploration.

    Television Underwriters Rates:

Please call or for personalized rate plan. You will be surprised how inexpensive these rates are!

  • FEMA and NV DEM have provided matching funds for SNCAT and CAT underwriting, discounting your costs by 50%.

If you have a product, service, or organization related to earthquakes or earthquake preparedness and want to conduct a positive and informative campaign, Seismo-Watch can bring your message to thousands of people worldwide.

With the broad media services base, Seismo-Watch can promote your product and services to a wide range of interested businesses and individuals.

For more information about these exciting opportunities, please click on the following links:

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