Earthquake Alert Bulletin Sponsorships

We will be offering FREE earthquake alert bulletins which will inform the recipient of significant activity in any region of the country and the world for any specified magnitude. We will also adapt these bulletins for personal pagers and fax machines.

Recipients will receive basic information (date, time, lon, lat, mag, physical location) within minutes of the earthquake. An enhanced format will show background data, notable characteristics, damage and casualty assessments, and historical information - all by your e-mail, pager and/or fax machine for FREE!

With Seismo-Watch's cross media platforms and exposure, these alert bulletins will be very popular and in high demand!

You are hereby invited to become an advertiser on these bulletins

Advertising messages with links and banners will be placed on e-mail message; sponsorship lines will be included with personal pager messages, and bold messages will be included in fax formats.

A fabulous concept about to become reality - and you are invited to include your product or service on these bulletins.

We expect to launch the service by Summer 1999.

Interested? Space is limited so don't delay. Find out how your product and service will reach new levels of awareness with Seismo-Watch Earthquake Alert Bulletins!


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