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Weekly Earthquake Reports
Earthquake Alert Bulletin No: 97-195

Preliminary data indicates a significant earthquake has occurred:

Regional Location:

Preliminary Magnitude:

Moment Magnitude (Mw):

Greenwich Mean Date:
Greenwich Mean Time:
Focal Depth (km):
Analysis Quality (A-D):


5.6 Mb

6.3 Mw (NEIC)

3.0 km
An earthquake registering a preliminary magnitude of Mw 6.3 occurred at 06:47 UTC, July 25, in the Andes of central Chile. The depth determined at 3 km, quite shallow for an event in this area. The quake was centered about 260 miles north-northwest of Santiago and 47 miles east of the resorts cities of La Serena and Coquimbo, near the remote Andean foothill region of Rivadavia. There has been no reports from the region as of yet, but considering the magnitude and the location, it is likely some damage as occurred. A M6.8 triggered here on July 6 (Alert Bulletin 97-170) and there have been several aftershocks, one registering in the lower M5 range.
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Location Quality: A (good), B (fair), C (poor), D (bad)
Magnitude: Ml (local or Richter magnitude), Lg (mblg), Md (duration), Mb (body wave), Ms (surface wave), Mw (moment)

Sources Include:
U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center, Golden, CO (NEIC)
Harvard Geophysical Observatory, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (HRV)
International Data Center, Center for Monitoring Research, Arlington, VA (IDC)
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California (Caltech)
various wire reports and/or personal communications

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