Earthquake Alert Bulletin Archive

March 1997

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Seismo-Watch Earthquake Alert Bulletins are preliminary data releases of significant earthquake activity and intended to alert the recipient that an earthquake had occurred. Please use data with caution as it is preliminary and subject to change.
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A970301-043 Chile 5.4
A970302-044 NE Iran-Turkministan Border 6.1
A970303-045 Central Pakistan 5.0
A970303-046.Listing of February Mw +6.0s
A970304-047 Central Pakistan 5.9
A970307-048 Tonga Islands, South Pacific 5.7
A970307-049 Mendocino Fault 4.3
A970309-050 Central Chile5.7
A970310-051 San Francisco 3.6, 3.6
A970311-052.Kermadec Islands 6.2
A970311-053 East of the Philippines 6.9
A970311-054 East Coast of Mandanao, Philippines 5.9
A970311-055 Near the Coast of Central Chile 6.1
A970315-056 South of Australia, Indian Ocean 5.7
A970316-057 Central Honshu, Japan 5.5
A970316-058 Hawaii 4.2
A970317-059 Off the Western Coast of Java 6.0
A970317-060 Leeward Islands Region
A970318-061 Barstow 5.4, Southern California
A970320-062 Pakistan 5.9
A970321-063 Kermadec Islands, South Pacific 5.7
A970322-064 San Andreas Fault, Central California 4.4
A970323-065 Kermadec Islands, South Pacific 5.7
A970324-066 Blanco Fracture Zone 4.2
A970325-067 Santiago, Chile 5.5
A970325-068 Brazil-Peru border Mw 6.0
A970326-069 Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands Ms 6.4
A970326-070 Kyushu, Japan Mw 6.1
A970326-071 Jordon, ML 5.5
A970326-072 Halmahera, Mw 5.8
A970327-073 San Francisco Delta Swarm, ML 3.5
A970327-074 Rat Islands Swarm, Mb 5.1

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