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M 7.9 (AEIC)

5.0 km (Fixed)

Huge M 7.9 Earthquake Rocks Central Alaska

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November 3, 2002, Continued, Page 3

Although no structural damage has been reported, contents of buildings were knocked over and thrown about like " some came down, picked up the house and shook it, then set it back down. Pictures were thrown form walls, cabinets spilled their contents and furniture danced about the floor.

Many highways were rendered impassable due to landslides, rock falls, and gaping cracks in the pavement. Most of the damage has been assessed and road crews are rapidly clearing passages and patching sections and expect roads will begin open shortly.

Trans-Alaskan oil pipeline

The quake triggered the automatic protection system on the Trans-Alaskan oil pipeline. Engineers manually shut it down a short time later. Helicopters have flown the lines and noted no breaks but plenty broken above ground struts that left sections of the 48-inch-diameter pipe suspended without support. The line is expected to be shut down at least 48 hours for repairs and assessment.

The giant petroleum conduit lies about 60 miles from the quake's epicenter. The oil flow can be stopped for maintenance or other reasons without affecting oil shipments because a reserve is stored in tanks at the ocean terminal in Valdez. Oil analysts had little concern that the pipeline shutdown would dramatically affect supplies or prices.

As we continue to wade through the volumes of data, additional damage reports can be found in the wire reports below and on the November 2002 EQNews page.

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