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M 7.9 (AEIC)

5.0 km (Fixed)

Huge M 7.9 Earthquake Rocks Central Alaska

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November 3, 2002, Continued, Page 2

Seismic waves radiated away from the hypocenter and reached the furthest spots on the planet within 20 minutes (see travel times map). While most data recorders near the event were saturated (see Adak, Aleutians strip chart example), however, places like Hailar, Neimenggu Province, China and Scott Base, Antarctica clearly show the start of the event. IRIS has excellent examples of the waveforms on their Special Report page.

Foreshocks and Aftershocks
The quake was preceded by a pair of M 4.0s. A robust aftershock sequence has followed and as of the update to this report, more than two dozenquake registering M 4.0 or stronger have been recorded. Three have measured in the M 5.0 range, with the strongest registering M 5.7. It came about 20 minutes after the main shock.

Watch and experience the aftershock activity as it happens with the
EQFlash earthquake alert bulletins for Alaska and the Aleutians.

Residents of Cantwell and neighboring areas have reported the ground has been in constant vibration, punctuated by moderate to strong jolts.

Damage Reports
The quake rocked Central Alaska, tossing items from tables and shelves, breaking windows, and causing avalanches and mudslides. Preliminary information indicates residents from Cantwell, Healy and Delta Junction felt strong to very strong shaking, lasting as long as 2-4 minutes. See USGS Community Intensity Report.
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Seismic tremors were felt as far away as McGrath and Galena in Western Alaska, Homer in South Alaska, and Yukatat in Southeast Alaska. Residents in Anchorage and Fairbanks reported moderate shaking and objects knocked from shelves.

See assorted wirenews photos.

Seismic waves effected other distant areas as well. Some house boats were shaken from their moorings and Minnesota and Wisconsin residents reported water wells became turbid (dirty). In Louisiana, water sloshed from swimming pools, ponds and embossments to the amazement of watching people (however, the reported sloshing times don't match the seismic wave travel times).

Residents close to the epicenter said it started with a few bangs and jolts then intensified, going on, and on, and on...

Remarkably, only one injury was reported. A 76-year-old woman in Mentasta broke an arm falling down the stairs as she tried to leave her home.

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Report update: 10:56:14 PM, Tuesday, November 5, 2002

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