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Plattsburgh M 3.3 earthquake

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Friday, May 24, 2002
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An earthquake measuring M 3.3 occurred this evening near Plattsburgh, New York, shaking a wide area, toppling light objects and fraying nerves. There have been no reports of serious damage or injuries.

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According to the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC), the earthquake occurred at 8:46 p.m. EDT Friday night, May 24, and was centered about 20 miles southwest of Plattsburgh and a mile north of Mill Village, at Lacy Ryan Mountain. See a Topozone topographic map or a MapQuest road map.

The Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismic Network (LCSN) obtained a magnitude of ML 3.1 using a fixed depth of 10 km. See list of recent earthquakes in New England See Waveform <<

It was centered in the vicinity of the April 20 Plattsburgh M 5.1 earthquake and was probably an aftershock. This would be the largest aftershock since the initial day of the main shock. Here is a list of aftershocks thus far from LCSN:

    02/05/24 23:46:00 44.50N 73.68W 10.0 3.1 ML Au Sable Forks, NY (aftershock)02/05/16 07:06:18 44.75N 73.69W 3.0 1.7 Mc 20.0 km W of Plattsburgh, NY02/04/21 12:39:11 44.50N 73.70W 10.0 2.3 Mc 29.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY (aftershock)02/04/21 11:47:10 44.52N 73.67W 10.0 2.2 Mc 27.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY (aftershock)02/04/20 11:45:29 44.50N 73.70W 10.0 2.6 ML 29.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY (aftershock)02/04/20 11:08:26 44.50N 73.70W 10.0 1.7 Mc 30.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY (aftershock)02/04/20 11:04:42 44.51N 73.70W 10.0 3.7 ML 29.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY (aftershock)02/04/20 10:50:48 44.51N 73.70W 11.0 5.3 ML 29.0 km SW of Plattsburgh, NY02/04/01 12:31:18 44.84N 73.78W 7.0 2.1 Mc 27.8 km W of Plattsburgh, NY


Preliminary reports indicate the quake was sharply felt at Au Sable Forks and as far away as Orwell to the south, Saranac Lake to the west, Worcester to the east, and Mooers to the north. Did you feel this quake?

Walls vibrated, window shook, and glassware rattled. Some reported a loud bang prior to the shaking. Others heard a muffled roar.

Light items were knocked from tables and shelves in Au Sable Forks and some glass items broke. There have been no reports of injuries. Some people were frightened. A few stood up to move outside and when they were about to take a step, the shaking stopped. Most said it was over before they realized it, but they new it was another earthquake.

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