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Mw 6.0 (NEIC)

5 km

Large M7.2 earthquake rocks Southern Philippines

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March 8, 2002

An earthquake measuring M6.0 struck the southern coast of Mindanao this morning near the epicenter of a M7.2 earthquake that struck three days earlier.

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The epicenter was located slightly southwest of the main shock which would be "up dip" of the Cotabato subduction zone. However, the NEIC fault plane solution indicates normal fault motion which is an extensional process and in contrast to the thrust or reverse motion recorded for the main shock.

The focal depth was at 5 km - much shallow the the main jolt that occurred at 45 km deep.

Together the location, type of fault motion and focal depth implies that this was not an aftershock to the main M7.2 earthquake, but a new shock perhaps caused by the ongoing tectonic stress changes of the region.

There have been no reports from the region at this time.

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Report update: 10:12:32 AM, Saturday, March 9, 2002

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