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ML 5.2 (SCSN), Mw 5.7 (NEIC)

0.0 km (0 miles or near surface)

A M5.7 quake rocks the California-Mexico border

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Felt Reports
The quake was widely felt in the region, causing windows to vibrate and walls to shake, but there have been no reports of any serious damage or injuries at this time.

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It was felt as far north as Lancaster and Thousand Palms, as far east as Parker, Arizona.

The strongest shaking was reported from Imperial Valley where buildings shook quite strongly. Early reports indicate walls vibrated and some items were tossed from tables and shelves.

Many people heard sounds coming from the Earth, like groans or creaking. Others closer to the epicenter said they heard a loud boom and then shaking started.

People in large bulidings in said people stopped doing what they were doing and looked about nervously, many remained motionless, gauging the intensity of the shaking. A few people ran to doorways and ducked for cover.

Hanging plants and signs swung, lamp posts swayed and powerlines waved back and forth. No power outages were reported.

Light objects are said to have toppled to store isles, like cerial boxes and paper towels, and some bottled goods broke.

More Information
The earthquake occurred close to where the Laguna Salada fault splays from the Cerro Prieto Fault.

A quake measuring M5.8 occurred in the Colorado Delta region on December 28 of last year. See Seismo-Watch report.

Earthquake activity south of the Mexican border relaxed significantly the previous week.

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Report update: 10:57:09 AM, Sunday, February 24, 2002

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