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M6.3 (NEIC)

122 km

Strong, deep earthquake shakes northern Honshu, Japan

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December 2, 2001

An earthquake measuring a magnitude (M) 6.3 occurred in northern Honshu, Japan, Sunday night, causing some walls to collapse, widespread power outages and frightened many people.

According to the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) the earthquake was centered about 275 miles north-northeast of Tokyo, about 55 miles east-southeast of Akita, and 15 miles south-southwest of Morioka in a remote area of the Iwate Prefecture.

The focal point was calculated at 122 km below the surface and we do not have a Moment magnitude analysis at this time.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported the quake shook the region hard, registering an intensity of 5 on the Japanese Earthquake Intensity Scale, causing unreinforced concrete-block walls to collapse, cracking of plaster walls and toppling chimneys.

There have been no reports of injuries or causalities at this time.

Power was disrupted in some area but no damage occurred to the nuclear power plants in this portion of the island. Bullet Train operation was suspended for a short time.

The earthquake was felt as far away as Tokyo.

This was the first earthquake on the planet to cause significant damage since the powerful China M7.9 earthquake struck on November 14. See a list of large earthqukaes in 2001.

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Report update: 9:02:54 AM, Sunday, December 2, 2001

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