Seismo-Watch Significant Earthquake Report - No. 01-030
Regional Location:

Preliminary Magnitude:

Greenwich Mean Date:
Greenwich Mean Time:
Focal Depth:


Ms 6.9 (NEIC), ML 7.0 (IGNS), Mw 7.0 (NEIC)

06:52:06 (6:52 p.m. NZ Standard Time)
62 km

NORTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND, AUGUST 21, 2001 (Seismo-Watch) -- An earthquake measuring Ms 6.9 (NEIC), ML 7.0 (IGNS), Mw 7.0 (NEIC), occurred at 06:52:06 UTC (06:52 p.m. local time), about 165 miles northeast of Gisborne, New Zealand, in the Pacific Ocean. Although it was widely felt onshore, there were no reports of damage or injuries at this time.

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The focal depth for the quake was placed at 62 km and the NEIC fault plane solution indicated pure thrust motion along a northeast trending plane.

No significant aftershocks have reported at this time by the major seismological monitoring institutions, however, seismograms from the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand indicate a brisk sequence has occurred (See Cannon Point Drum Recording here).

Felt Reports
The Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand indicated the quake was felt over much of the North Island. Wirenews reports said the quake was felt as far south as Marlborough on South Island. Although most said the quake had a long rolling motion and nothing was toppled from tables of shelves, power was briefly interrupted at Tolaga Bay, a small farming settlement northeast of Gisborne.

There have been no reports of a tsunami.

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Report update: 9:54:17 AM, Tuesday, August 21, 2001
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