========================================================================= Seismo-Watch Earthquake Alert Bulletin No. 01-46755 ========================================================================= Preliminary data indicates a significant earthquake has occurred: Regional Location: 9 MI. SSE OF SAN CLEMENTE IS., CA (SE TIP) Magnitude: 3.2M Greenwich Mean Date: 2001/08/16 Greenwich Mean Time: 20:04:18 Latitude: 32.70N Longitude: 118.28W Focal depth: 17.6km Analysis Quality: B Source: Southern California (Caltech/USGS-Pasadena) Seismo-Watch, Your Source for Earthquake News and Information. Visit https://seismo-watch.com ========================================================================= All data are preliminary and subject to change. Analysis Quality: A (good), B (fair), C (poor), D (bad) Magnitude: Ml (local or Richter magnitude), Lg (mblg), Md (duration), ========================================================================= To unsubscribe: mailto:[email protected] For additional commands: mailto:[email protected] For more information: mailto:[email protected] or visit: https://seismo-watch.com/EQSERVICES/AlertBulletins/AlertBulletins.html ========================================================================= This report sponsored by CDMG. CALIFORNIA GEOLOGY MAGAZINE Feature Article May/June issue: Is My House in a Seismic Zone? The Division of Mines and Geology's Seismic Hazards Mapping Program identifies subsurface conditions that impact the future safety of your home. Subscribe now! Call: (916) 445-5716 or visit: http://www.consrv.ca.gov/dmg/pubs/cg =========================================================================