Regional Location:

Preliminary Magnitude:

Moment Magnitude (Mw):

Greenwich Mean Date:
Greenwich Mean Time:
Focal Depth:


6.5 (NEIC), 6.4 FREESIA

6.7 (NEIC)

40.0 km

Seismo-Watch Significant Earthquake Reports- No. 01-007

Honshu, Japan, March 24, 2001 (Seismo-Watch) -- Preliminary data indicates that an earthquake measuring a preliminary magnitude of M6.5 (NEIC), Mb 6.4 FREESIA, Mw 6.7 (NEIC) occurred at 06:27 UTC (3:27 p.m. local time), March 24 about 20 miles south-southeast of Hiroshima, Honshu, Japan, in the Setonaikai Channel.

The focal point was at a depth of 40.0 km below the surface and the fault plane solution by NEIC indicated normal-slip motion (down and away) along a north-northwest trending plane.

Preliminary reports indicate localized moderate structural and widespread nonstructural damage has occurred. At least two people have been killed and several were injured. Most of the injuries have come from items falling off buildings, including heavy clay shingles, facades, and windows. There were no reports of totally collapsed buildings.

Wire news photos show some ground subsidence and there was no threat of a tsunami.

Numerous aftershocks have been reported by residents and news crews and we are trying to locate a list of events at this time.

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