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Seismo-Watch specializes in providing custom earthquake information and graphics to multimedia platforms. We have nearly ten years of publishing in the printed media and have currently launched an ambitious program to produce new and exciting video and radio earthquake information products. This section and the linked pages are intended to show prospective media outlets and interested people the suite of Seismo-Watch Media Services.

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People are fascinated by geology. They see it from their cars, they look at it while talking on the telephone and watch it from the airplane windows. The shaping of that scenery was, in part, done by earthquakes.

What most people do not realize is that significant worldwide earthquake activity happens at a phenomenal rate. The number of worldwide earthquakes registering 4.0 or stronger ranges between 100 - 500 events per week; activity in the 5.0 range happens between 5 - 45 times per week; and it is rare when a +6.0 quake does not happen somewhere on the planet during a week.

Substantial microseismicity happens at a regional level as well. Obviously, California and Alaska are areas with the highest microseismic totals, but other regions of the United States also show a surprising number of earthquakes. Even the east coast, an area where most people would consider as seismically quiet, is the site of a half dozen to a couple dozen events each week!

With significant worldwide earthquake activity and regional microseismicity happening at these rates, there is a compelling interest to know what is happening and follow the activity from week to week.

Like the weather, earthquake activity is dynamic and changes each week. New regions become active while others become quiet. Significant events occur and create robust aftershock sequences which persist for a few weeks and sometimes for years.

This "seismic personality", if you will, provides an ideal situation for multimedia interests.

With over seven years of experience in producing earthquake reports of multimedia, Seismo-Watch has gained the respect of scientists, professionals, teachers, parents, and students, as bridging the information gap between the often complex science of seismology and the public at large.

If you and your organization are considering an opportunity to present a new and fascinating feature in your media service, Seismo-Watch has the appeal to bring viewers, listeners, and readers back again and again for their earthquake news.

Come see how Seismo-Watch can create a custom earthquake reports for your media!

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