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Preparedness Sequence

The key to living in beautiful areas full of rich topography and lush vegetation but created by active tectonics are:

  • Understanding earth processes
  • Being prepared in case of a major event

The Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report on SNCAT Television shows people the need to be prepared in case of a significant earthquake. It is a reminder that earthquakes happen nearly everyday in the Western Basin and Range.

The Preparedness Sequence shows simple tips and suggestions which will help viewers be better prepared when the need arises, like:

  • Look, Duck, Cover and Hold
  • The 72 Hour Home Survival Kit
  • Prepare a Family Earthquake Plan
  • Preparedness in a Can

Along with the weekly Preparedness Tip are Contact Numbers for more earthquake and preparedness information. They provide the necessary link for the public to gain the understanding to improve their personal safety from these potentially damage natural events.

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Contact Numbers For Earthquake Information
Contact Numbers For Earthquake Preparedness

Introduction Sequence
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Preparedness Sequence
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