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The Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report is a sequence of non-audio graphic panels shown on SNCAT's electronic community message billboard.

The Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports on a Community Message Billboard operated by Sierra Nevada Community Access Television (SNCAT), in Reno, Nevada, began on November 30, 1996, and has been very successful in the community

It has received praise from community leaders, government officials, and the general public as bringing earthquake awareness to a much need population. It has been acknowledged by the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council as a valuable service to the community and has received a matching operating funds contract from a joint agreement from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and the Nevada Department of Emergency Services (NV DEM).

The Seismo-Watch Weekly Earthquake Reports features sequence of non-audio earthquake graphic panels shown on SNCAT's electronic community message billboard. The panels are included in a stack of community service messages and updated on a weekly basis with new information about global and regional earthquake activity. SNCAT's billboard operates about 70% of the 24 hour broadcast schedule and cycles through message stack about two or three times per hour. This indicates the Seismo-Watch Weekly Earthquake Report is potentially shown 30-50 times a day or between 200-400 times per week per network channel.

SNCAT operates four (4) community access channels (two on TCI Cablevision (16 and 13) and a pair on Continental Cablevision (20 and 30)) within the Reno/Sparks metropolitan area (Truckee Meadows), with a combined potential viewership of 221,000 people from 65,000 homes. With these cable channels, the broadcast exposure for the Seismo-Watch Weekly Earthquake Report is magnified four times, or between 800-1,600 time per week!

Unanimous Vote of Commendation

On May 19, 1997, Charles P. Watson, owner of the firm Advanced Geologic Exploration and creator of the Seismo-Watch series, received an unanimous vote of commendation from the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council for his work in producing the Seismo-Watch Weekly Earthquake Report on Sierra Community Access Television (SNCAT) featured in Reno, Nevada.

FEMA and NV DEM Sponsorship Grant

Following the Vote of Commendation of the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council (NESC), a proposal was made to FEMA and the Nevada Department of Emergency Management (NV DEM) to establish base funding for the Seismo-Watch Weekly Earthquake Report on SNCAT Television. The proposal would enable matching funds of other nonfederal underwriting or sponsorship sources to maintain the television programming for a period of two years.

On September 2, 1997, the proposal was approved the NV DEM and shortly thereafter, Advanced Geologic Exploration received an official Notice to Proceed with the proposed statement of work.

The generous financial support from FEMA and the NV DEM is a major step forward in seeing that valuable and worthwhile projects are initiated for the public interest.

The Community Access Television earthquake panels are the foundation of a whole family of earthquake reports that could be adapted for television, including:

  • Current Earthquake Reports - Real-Time Reporting!
  • Daily Regional and Global Earthquake Summaries
  • Weekly Regional and Global Earthquake Summaries

Seismo-Watch has the vision and the knowledge to bring earthquake information to mainstream television media. His long-term goals include:

  • Expand the distribution Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports on Community Access Television
  • Produce short local and national Television News earthquake segments
  • Produce weekly 30-60 minute Seismo-Watch programs (geared to Educational, Science News, and feature programing)
  • Create the EQNEWS Network, a 24-hour earthquake news and information channel similar to The Weather Channel format.

We encourage dialogue with individuals who can assist us both technically and financially so we may achieve success with these goals by the Year 2000. Drop us a short note and lets do something visionary!  

Seismo-Watch has embraced the idea of putting earthquake information on television from nearly its inception. A brief exposure into the television arena began with KOLO-News Channel 8, Reno, in 1994 and is generally described here.

  Begin an Earthquake Report on your cable television station

The Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report can be adapted for nearly any community access billboard system, for nearly every region. If you are Community / Public Access Television Station and would like to begin a Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report, please e-mail us a note at the mail box to the right:

  Underwriting Opportunities

Seismo-Watch Earthquake Reports and reports are high visibility, high interest items which people tune in to time and time again and can provide an Underwriter with increased sales and positive image enhancement.

Cost effective underwriting and sponsorship packages are available and can be designed to meet your budget. In some cases, State and/or Federal funds can be obtained to match your underwriting commitment. For more information about this exciting opportunity, please follow the doorway into a bright future:

The television edition of the Seismo-Watch Earthquake Report begins a new era of presenting earthquake information to a larger audience.

The community message billboard is a common feature among Community Access Television Stations throughout the United States, and with the success of the SNCAT presentation, the public now has a new media source for their earthquake information needs.

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