Radio Earthquake Reports

Seismo-Watch earthquake reports are featured on a number of radio stations in California and Nevada.

Earthquakes are an every day phenomena, and given the proper delivery, can be interesting to follow from day to day or week to week. The idea is to highlight earthquake activity as geologically fascinating, while boosting awareness of the physical world and increasing preparedness consciousness.

While each Seismo-Watch Radio Report is costumed designed to meet each station's broadcast needs, there are three basic formats to build upon:

  • World and Regional Reports + Alert Bulletins 
  • Regional Reports + Alert Bulletins 
  • Alert Bulletins

Each Seismo-Watch Radio Report follows a basic format:

  • An overview or summary of the regional activity. 
  • General description of the most significant events, including felt reports.
  • Highlights notable historic activity.

There is no attempt to predict or forecast earthquake activity.

The Seismo-Watch Radio Reports are faxed or e-mailed to the radio station and their host delivers the information. They are brief and easy to read and do not pose problem for the host.

Our goal is to eventually provide a complete audio report package which will be played over the air.

Along the same vein, Seismo-Watch is planning on providing Radio Reports via the Web. These will be compatible with the broadcast segments read on the air and listeners and internet cruisers will feel more aligned with their radio station.

The Seismo-Watch Radio Reports offer an exciting aspect for your listeners to know about the physical world around them.

For more information on customizing your Seismo-Watch Radio Reports, contact Seismo-Watch today!

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